Monthly Archives: October 2017

Devastation: Wildfires

The wildfires that ravaged Northern California this past month destroyed about 8,400 homes and buildings. You can see from this satellite imagery the damaged and destroyed structures, some of the worst results from wildfires in state history.

Obsessive and Competitive: Qualities of Success?

Obsession is the drive to succeed at all costs. However, there IS a cost if you put your all into something to the exclusion of all else. While I think it’s good to be dedicated to your craft, family also has a place in your success.

What do you think after reading this article?


Accounting: Art and Science

I have always said that accounting is a science as well as an art form. On the one hand, accounting is an art because it presents financial findings by following and implementing a universally accepted method; on the other hand, it’s a science because it has rules, principles, concepts, conventions and standards. What’s YOUR take?

Let’s explore each side a bit more.

The Equation for The Walking Dead’s Success

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite guilty pleasures on TV. Why do so many people love this show? Apparently, there’s math to back it up: The Equation:  (Violence) + (Intimacy – Technology) = FANS!

View this psychologist’s take on why we love The Walking Dead so much. Hint: it has to do with controlling our lives and a need for catharsis…. Hmmmm..

Harnessing the Sun

They’re doing good things in terms of sustainability here at my alma mater!

Cal Poly is breaking ground on a solar farm that will generate renewable energy, create Learn by Doing opportunities for students and save the university tons of cash.

Giants Draft Second in 2018

The Giants will have to pick second in the 2018 MLB draft due to the Pablo Sandoval home run. Good news though is that Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was a second pick, drafted by the A’s back in 1966.