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Bitcoin Dips Below $10,000 for the Second Time This Month


For the second time in July, Bitcoin has dipped below the $10,000 price mark as of July 16. In fact, this, the biggest cryptocurrency, is down more than 22% over the past week. That being said, its dominance on crypto markets is still surging, breaking new highs since April two years ago. Read more here:

Dwight Howard Open to Signing With Lakers or Clippers


Thirty-three year-old Dwight Howard says he is open to signing with the Lakers or the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s not exactly sure where he’ll end up, but he’s hoping for one of those two teams. In particular, he’s said how much he loves the city of Los Angeles and the Staples Center. But it’s still unclear if either team wants to take him on, despite him being a future Hall of Famer.


Summer Movies 2019

lion king

Ready for a good movie this summer? Summer is always a traditional time for blockbusters, and 2019 is proving to be no different. The Lion King and Toy Story 4 are dominating the box office for families, while Spiderman Far From Home and Annabelle are taking top spots with teens. Aladdin, Rocketman and Secret Life of Pets 2 are also gaining ground.

What have YOU seen this summer?


Dressing for Success


I think it’s great that many companies are encouraging more casual days at the office. But there’s something to be said about dressing up each day. Once recent study told people to change into formal or casual clothing before cognitive tests. What they found was that wearing formal business attire increased abstract thinking—an important aspect of creativity and long-term strategizing, concluding that the effect is related to feelings of power.

Check it out here:

Want to be a Better Leader?

Then lead with empathy. At least that’s what Forbes says. It’s empathetic leadership that allows for moments of tough love that earn respect. That doesn’t mean you should mistake empathy with kindness. You can still be assertive and aggressive while still being empathetic. There’s a find balance that takes a lot of learning to achieve.

Do you display empathy as a leader? Does your boss?

Ler’s start a discussion. First, read this piece: