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Could China’s national currency eventually become a digital currency?

The short answer is yes. According to the executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, China’s official currency, the renminbi (RMB), may soon become a cryptocurrency, despite the fact that cryptocurrencies and the country have a volatile relationship. But even in the face of China’s anti-crypto outlook, experts say the country could still embrace the digital currency route.

Avengers’ End Game Pre-Sale Tickets Break the Internet


If you’re a huge Avengers fan and tried to get pre-sale tickets earlier this month, you were probably met with intense frustration as all the ticket sites crashed under the pressure. It was the biggest day of any theatrical presale title ever, achieving that status in just six hours. Long digital lines, site crashes, and sold-out showings drove fans crazy. No wonder, as Fandango one-day ticket sales for End Game bested Star Wars: The Force Awakens from the top spot.

Fandango even said it was their best sales day ever in more than 19 years of business! Did you get YOUR tickets yet?

History of Kung Fu

While kung fu has roots in India during the first millennium, most of its development took place in medieval China. There are many branches of kung fu that have descended over the centuries. I have always found the origins of kung fu to be very interesting, which is why I enjoy articles like this one from Health and Fitness History:

Energized by Chaos

Are you a busy entrepreneur? You know the busy-ness and chaos that comes with being a business person of any kind. But are you energized by the chaos or does it run you down and sap your strength? Either way, it’s important to make sense of the chaos in order to truly succeed.

Staying organized is key. As this Forbes articles points out: “Every successful entrepreneur has goals, and the most successful entrepreneurs review their goals frequently.” Keep reading…

Organizing Your Business

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you struggle with the art of staying organized throughout the day. Studies show that you are more efficient with work when your desk is organized. Do your part to stay tidy by generating storage space, sorting mail immediately, maintaining an efficient filing system and creating a daily plan every morning.

Read on for more tips:

60-Second Guide to Organizing Your Business