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Bitcoin’s Biggest Startups are Trying to Keep Fees Low

Well, 2017 was certainly a wake-up call for bitcoin supporters.  We saw so many people using the software amidst a price boom, the transaction fees went through the roof. Now, they’re back to more manageable levels, but people fear this spike could happen again. Check out the commentary:

Top Business Books for Getting Ahead: 2018

I always love reading books on how to get ahead in business and achieving success in general. That’s why this article: “28 Top Business Books to Get Ahead In 2018″ caught my attention.

It’s been proven that reading can significantly improve your health and wellness, including mental sharpness, stress levels, sleep quality, empathy and positivity. Check it out.

The Joker Coming Next Year

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The plot details for Joker have been few and far between so far, but this unique new DC installment has a release date of October 4, 2019. Joaquin Phoenix is slated to play the famed DC villain, playing a man named Arthur Fleck before turning into the Clown Prince of Crime. Can’t wait for this one!