Athletes and Domestic Abuse

There has been a lot of Buzz around athletes this week (and not in a good way). They just can’t seem to do the little things right. I mean how hard is it to not physically harm another human being? I may be biased, but as a father, I feel like a line is crossed is when children need to be rushed to the hospital. "The NFL addresses player misconduct this week"

I’m an avid sports fan and have been for many years. I routinely follow the Lakers and my main man Kobe. I get my popcorn and “huddle” the family around our tv in the living room all day on Sundays. So, I’m not writing from an executive opinion but from a fan standpoint myself.

As fans, we want one thing. For our teams to win. Everything else in an athletes life that distracts the team from accomplishing this goal is a franchise problem. Businesses in in Baltimore have been PAYING fans to turn in their Ray Rice jersey. That’s right PAYING fans.

It’s time for change and to refocus on what we love – the purity of sports. No more distractions. Let’s just play ball.

-Bronson Quon

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