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Managing Difficult-to-Manage Employees


As a manager, you’ve likely hit some road blocks with employees who don’t always take direction well.  While some are certainly talented and qualified, they may not be collaborative, and vice versa. And while some are aggressive, others are meek. How can you reach these people so they can be more effective? I like this Forbes article on “6 Tips For Managing People Who Are Hard To Manage” by Forbes.


Summer Movies-Dunkirk


The summer movie season has been pretty lack luster save for a few winners, namely Dunkirk which came out on July 21. This movie is set during World War II and is based on the real-life story of allied troops who were surrounded by enemy forces on a beach one week during 1940. Inspiring and courageous. If you saw it, let me know what you thought.

Set Some Best Practices for Your Business


Having a best practice strategy in effect can not only help your business stay more competitive, but it can also increase your sales, develop new markets and slash costs. Who doesn’t want to be more productive?

What are YOUR business best practices? Here are some suggested articles to peruse:


Get Ready Niners Nation!


Who’s going to step it up? Tune in Sunday at 4:25 for the 49ers’ first game of the 2017 season against the Panthers. There’s a lot of talent on this team thanks to the securing of some high draft picks in defensive linemen. Also added to the 49ers’ roster to watch?  Elvis Dumervil, Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner, and Solomon Thomas.

Lonzo Ball: A New Hope

Lonzo Ball

The LA  Lakers are hoping Lonzo Ball can help them rebuild the franchise back to its former glory. So far, it looks like Ball has not disappointed. However, pure talent alone is not enough. While Ball has the technical skills to be the Lakers’ upcoming star, it takes a passion and drive to become great. Time will tell what point guard Lonzo Ball can do.

Secret to Success

Hi all:

I was reading up on the “Best advice from CEOs: 40 execs’ secrets to success” from Fortune and found it very interesting. From Warren Buffett to Jeffrey Katzenberg, check out some of the sound advice they give young people getting started in business today.

Injuries for the 49ers

Malcolm Smith

Well the 49ers season is not starting off the best it can, what with Malcolm Smith and Joshua Garnett on the injury list for the long term and possibly the season, at least for Smith. Check out the injury updates here: