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Quotes to Inspire

You may wonder, What is success? While there are countless definitions, we can all agree on one thing : Success is only achieved by persevering in the face of failure.

Here are come quotes to inspire you to succeed:

1. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

— Winston S. Churchill

2. “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

— Herman Melville

3. “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

— Colin R. Davis

4. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau

5. “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

— Chris Grosser

How to De-Stress

In life and certainly in business, stress is part and parcel of being human. A little stress is healthy. Indeed, it’s a natural reaction we inherited from our ancestors. But when it gets out of control, it can harm you, leading to fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, muscle tension, heart attacks and even death.

Entrepreneur offers 25 simple ways to de-stress, from taking walks and laughing to eating well and meditating.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019


If you’re like me and are fascinated by cryptocurrency, you may want to get into the game but aren’t sure where to start. This article provides a good stepping stone, giving you the best crypto to invest in for 2019.

Did you know that Ethereum and Bitcoin are not the most profitable assets anymore? Find out which cryptocurrencies are expected to take hold and dominate this year:

Saving for Retirement

How to Be Successful

Retirement is something that’s on all our minds. Do we have enough saved? Is it too late to start? Where should I put my hard-earned money? When saving for retirement, it’s important to know how best to allocate your money. For instance, you should take advantage of any employer-sponsored retirement plans, and you should contribute to an IRA.

Nerd Wallet has some more insight into retirement savings and the best way to go about it.

Lakers Will Have #4 Pick on June 20 at Barclays Center

The title says it all. It wasn’t looking all that good for the team with the 11th-worst record in the league but it seems the Lakers scored the No. 4 pick at the draft, which will take place at the Barclays Center on June 20. Tune in to see who they’ll snag.

There is some speculation as to the five players the Lakers could bring in with their top-four pick:

  • Darius Garland
  • DeAndrew Hunter
  • Jarrett Culver
  • Sekou Doumbouya
  • Cam Reddish

Impact of Leadership on Success

I came across this article and this sentence struck me: “A great leader isn’t someone who leads. It’s someone other people want to follow.” Pretty powerful stuff. We all assume great leadership takes charisma, and while that can be true, it’s not the whole story.

A great leader can clearly articulate what is required and then follows through. So simple yet not many people can grasp that. If you want people to look up to you and follow you, you have to do what you say you will. Otherwise, trust is not there.

There are many other qualities of a great leader, from character to optimism to direction. Check out the full article here:

Bitcoin’s Future is Bright


It seems bitcoin has turned a corner. The price is up nearly 50% in May and has doubled year-to-date, rebounding 150% from the lows of year-end 2018. In early February, this cryptocurrency skyrocketed 30% in just one day on robust trading volume. Will bitcoin keep growing at this pace? Time will tell.

Net Worth of the Average American Family

Ever wonder what the average net worth of today’s American family is? This article has it right around $692,100, or if you look at the 50th percentile, it would be $97,300 (this may be more accurate since the very rich tend to inflate the average).

According to a recent study, Americans say it takes a net worth of $2.27 million to be considered wealthy.

Take a look at the chart to see how you measure up:

Life-Changing Values From Martial Arts


Martial arts teaches us many things about life and how things work, which is why countless people turn to it for a sense of direction and purpose. As such, there are many strengths and positive traits people pick up during their training journeys that stay with them throughout their lives.

The values martial arts instills include:

  • Continuous self-improvement
  • Loyalty
  • Perseverance
  • Respect for life
  • Discipline and self control

Read more here:

Wolters Kluwer Goes Dark

Out of an abundance of caution, cloud tax and accounting services provider Wolters Kluwer took many of its platforms and applications offline this past week. It had identified technical anomalies having to do with malware.

Wolters Kluwer said in a statement that it saw technical anomalies in some of its platforms and applications. They immediately started an investigation and discovered the installation of malware, and then took a wide range of platforms and applications offline. They concluded that no customer data was taken or that there was a breach of confidentiality.

This is just another example of how cautious companies, especially accounting firms, have to be in today’s climate.

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